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4321 E 3rd St
Bloomington, IN, 47401
United States

(812) 671-0441

I am a Master’s level clinician working toward licensure; I provide empathic client-centered counseling for adult individuals or couples.

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Mindfulness Activity: Coloring

Caroline Hippler

There are a lot of ways to tune your mind into the present moment and focus on cultivating positive emotions: exercise, meditation, creating art, writing in a journal, and more. The benefits of mindfulness activities have been extolled in many places so here I'll just simply say: doing these things tends to make people feel better. 

One popular mindfulness activity these days is coloring. Coloring brings your mind and body together as you select and use colors. It requires a degree of focus on a single task and creates a final product. Each of these factors works in us to generate positive emotions. 

As part of my own mindfulness practice, I worked to create a coloring book of my own and filled it with line drawings of various desserts. Projects like this help me stay connected to my interests and my values and to remind myself that I have capabilities and skills that exist beyond the valuation that other people might put on them. 

Below you'll find 10 drawings from my coloring book - feel free to use these however you'd like to contribute to your own mindfulness practice. Print them out to color, duplicate and distribute to friends, add your own images to the line drawings, whatever feels helpful!

Feel free to talk about your own mindfulness practice or share coloring pages in the comments! 


To purchase the full coloring book (42 drawings), go to

Setting Intentions

Caroline Hippler

I propose taking a different approach to this time of reflection: instead of making New Year’s Resolutions, focus on setting intentions. Reflecting on your life - asking yourself if you are living the life you want to live - is healthy. Setting intentions rather than resolutions acknowledges the limits of our control.

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Mindful By Design - Etsy Store Supporting Your Mental Health Needs

Caroline Hippler

In a bit of shameless self-promotion, I'm excited to announce the opening of a new Etsy shop, Mindful By Design, full of products ready to support your mental health and personal growth goals. 

When you visit the shop you'll find greeting cards with messages of affirmation and support - those are physical products that will arrive at your door step within days of purchasing. You'll also find many Printable designs, combinations of drawing/painting/photography and messages of affirmation and support - these are digital, printable products that arrive in your inbox within seconds of purchasing. They can be used as computer backgrounds, wall hangings, phone cover, messages of support to friends, or anything else your mind can come up with! 

In the future you will find an expanded selection of greeting cards, postcards, lapel buttons, mindfulness tools, and customized/personalized mental health support designs. The shop is evolving and I'm open to your thoughts - something you want to see more of? Let me know!  A particular format of item excites you (i.e. you're gaga for buttons)? Let me know! 

Project: I AM

Caroline Hippler

Project: I AM is heating up! After a successful interest meeting, the workshop series is gaining traction and getting closer to it's start date. Using narrative and art therapy, participants will work to reclaim their identities from the effects of oppression by identifying their resistance strategies. There will be professional artists on hand to help us tap into creativity.

There are still plenty of spots left so get in contact with Caroline to register before Memorial Day weekend! Use the "Project: I AM Registration" page or email with any questions. 

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